River Name: Tay – Stanley to Thistlebrig
Meeting point – Inveralmond Services (PH1 3GA) or Tiso Perth (PH1 3EE)
Get in (PH1 4QF) / Get out (PH1 4NF)
Difficulty: Grade 2 (3)
River levels : here
River guide : here
River Name: Teith
Cafe close to get in – Cafe Mhor (FK17 8BB)
Difficulty: Grade 1/2Get in (FK17 8AX ) / Get out (FK17 8LL)
River levels : here
River guide : here
River Name: Clyde – Hazelbank to Crossford
Get in (ML11 9UR) / Get out (ML8 5RG)
Difficulty: Grade 1/2
River levels : here
River guide : not available
River Name: The Lower Doon (not Ness Glen)
Get in: (KA6 6BW) / Get out:  (KA7 4AP)
Difficulty: Easy 1/2
River levels : Not available
River guide : Not available

River Name: Upper Avon

Get in / Get out

Difficulty:  Grade 1/2

River Levels: here (do not paddle under 0.9)

River Guide: Not available


Beginners +

River Name: Awe
Get in / Get out
Difficulty: Grade 2 (3)
River levels : Dam Release (unlikely to run outside of dam release)
River guide : here
River Name: Tay – Grandtully
Get in Get out
Difficulty: Grade 2 (3)
River levels : here
River guide : here
 Carrbridge Bunkhouse
This map shows the location of the bunkhouse the club runs a few weekends away from. It is not a river trip. 
Carrbridge map
Note: gradings in brackets mean that although there are sections of this classification, these are generally portaged by all paddlers with exception to those paddling at an advanced level. The above gradings are based on rivers being at normal levels. At other levels conditions cam change and quite often gradings will increase. If you are in any doubt ask some of the more experienced paddlers in the club. 
There are many, many more rivers available to paddle throughout Scotland. The above are only some of our favourite.

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